The Young Hearts


Craig Lawrence (Guitars/Vocals) – Aaron Jackson (Guitar) – Stew Thorpe (Bass) – Andrew Pepin (Drums)


The Young Hearts is an English rock band from South East Kent. The band consists of Craig Lawrence (vocals/guitar), Aaron Jackson (guitar), Stew Thorpe (bass), Andrew James Pepin (drums).

In November 2012, Promise Me Tomorrow; the pop punk band featuring Craig, Aaron, and Stew, announced their split. After 2 years of touring thecountry with little recognition, it was at this point they decided to form a new band. With adult responsibilities looming, they agreed this would be their final  attempt at achieving a life long dream.
Enlisting Matt Cattell on drums, the four piece entered the studio in autumn 2013 to record the two songs ‘Little Blood’ and ‘Closer’. The following months saw the band performing around Kent to try and garner some recognition locally. However,it became evidently clear, that the musical direction they were heading, was not where they wanted to go. After scrapping their whole set list, they went back to the practice room to write.
During this process, Aaron lost his father, and Craig and Stew were involved in a serious car crash on the way to a show, so the band understandably took a backseat for a large part of 2014. However, after a trying year, the band entered the studio in March 2015, to record their debut EP, ‘Everything We Left Behind’, consisting of five songs that captured every ounce of heartbreak, disappointment, and resilient determination up until that point.
It was at this time that No Panic records got in touch with the band, eager to hear the new material and add The Young Hearts to their roster. So, in December 2015, ‘Everything We Left Behind’ was released digitally worldwide and on limited vinyl through No Panic Records. The collection of songs saw high praise from a number of reputable media outlets including a 4K review in Kerrang! magazine.
2016 saw the band go back into the studio to begin work on the follow up EP. As things progressed, and shows became more regular, it became obvious that Matt, despite all his best intentions, could not fully commit to the expectations of the band, and in January 2017, left The Young Hearts.
Without a drummer and that resilience starting to wear thin, questions were asked. After more than three years of constant setbacks, it began to feel like this ‘final attempt’ would be just that; an attempt.
Determined to carry on, The Young Hearts approached their good friend Andrew James Pepin (AJ) to join the band and finally start to regain some momentum. Putting the final touches to their second EP, ‘Honestly, I’m Just Thinking’, the four piece realised they still had a lot more to offer.